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Listen to: The Hunting Grounds by Lost on Purpose

As long as I’m paying for this website I might as well use it! Almost six months ago I packed a couple bags and left America for the trembly shores of Japan, specifically the neon liveliness of Tokyo, a place that’s become a like third home to me over the past three years. But now literally my home.

I’ve been working on various projects as well as going back to school but I still find time for music. However I’ve also been dealing with a curious mixing issue that’s kept me from releasing songs that I have stashed away on my computer. Until now.

Issue fixed, I can finally finish mixing songs that I recorded while still in Los Angeles last year, with some extra Tokyo tweaks here and there.

The new EP is called Heart Container, and the first song is The Hunting Grounds. Enjoy.

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Lost on Purpose is Moving

To Japan. For real. Starting January 2014 LOP will be permanently ‘on tour’.

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Rōnin is out!

Finally! Over a year of my life is available in a musical format.

Listen/buy it here.

The album was just reviewed by The Los Angeles Beat. Check it out.

And check out the video for the track Some Other Life, shot in LA and Tokyo.

Much more coming soon!

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New Rōnin Release date: Soon

July 16. This Tuesday. It will be out. It took well over a year to record and mix. Can’t believe it’s finally happening. This is the best Lost on Purpose album yet, hands down.

Pre-order here

Oh and our new video for the track “Some Other Life” premiered on the Amoeba Records blog today.

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The new album Ronin will be released on July 9! Finally!

Track #1, Some Other Life, is available for listening or download (if you preorder the album) for the next six days. After that it’s gone, but song #2 will be up. We’re rotating all 14 songs on the album up until the release date.

Listen here:

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A new album is on the way

Mixed, Mastered, Finished. The new Lost on Purpose album, Ronin, will be out soon. Just need to get the physical CDs printed up and the release date set.

I spent well over a year of my life working on this thing, and now that it’s finished, strangely, I almost don’t want to actually release it. Just be patient, fans… both of you.

I’ll hopefully have the release plan set in a week or so, after which I imagine we’ll be able to release the first single from the album.

Also, if you live in the Los Angeles area, the first Lost on Purpose show is August 25th at Lot 1 in Echo Park. We will be playing new songs. Not ‘new’ as in ‘from the new album’, like any normal band would and should do, but ‘new’ as in ‘even newer than the new album’. Yes, there is a reason for this, but I won’t go into it here. It’s good music.

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Oh Hai

We found someone to mix the album! This is what I felt like when that happened. Also I did have a Commodore 64 when I was a kid.

I’m in the last round of editing and keep finding more tracks to re-record. Oh, this vocal can be a little stronger. Hmm, I better double up this lead line. Etcetera for three hours, then I realize I never got around to comping the one track I intended to start with. I’m telling you, recording an album the ‘right’ way is like going down the rabbit hole. It’s a fractal within a fractal. I’ll probably never do it again (at least I won’t be the one engineering it).

I’ve already been writing tons of new songs that I will probably just record the ‘wrong’ way… but they’ll still sound great. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from this album. It’s been the best and worst experience of my life.

Almost there, almost there. I’ve spent at least 150 hours on this thing. Soon it will all be over.

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Still almost there

It’s funny reading that post from March 8 (just two posts ago). I thought the album was almost done then. That was a month before going into the studio with our other band, The Ross Sea Party. I learned so much about production, engineering and editing that I scrapped virtually everything I had considered “done” before.

I went on an editing spree, cutting the drums to an almost unrecognizable degree. But it had to be done. I then had to recut much of the bass, and redid many guitars. I put in some long hours and loads of TLC, solving problems that back in March I didn’t even realize existed. This is now going to be the best sounding Lost on Purpose album by a wide, pacific-esque margin.

At this point it’s just a matter of finding time to finish Jacquie’s vocals and redo a few of mine. That’s pretty much it. And I might not even mix the album – yet another sea change we went through over the past few months. And then there’s the small fact that I went to Japan for three weeks.

Oh, and that I’ve spent much of the past month preparing songs – new songs, newer than what’s on the upcoming album even – for a live set. Lots happening over here, it’s been good.


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I went to Japan

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Moving Right Along

Guitars are almost all done. Bass is pretty much almost completely totally done. Extra percussion will be done after this weekend. Some vocals will be done tomorrow. Keys are done for three songs, the rest will be finished pending Jacquie’s availability. That girl is busy!

That leaves some loose ends, maybe a little more casio work and random sounds, and then mixing. This is going to be the most difficult album I’ve ever mixed. But also the most fun.

Already thinking about how to release the songs and I think I have the cover designed. It’s gonna be good.




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